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Remotely control the air conditioner with a smart plug.

The air conditioner is not completely controlled by the smart plug, but you can build a very good system.

You can only switch on the air conditioner with the remote control of the air conditioner.

However, you can turn it off remotely. If you can be controlled in two steps.

If you turn it off once, it will stop working, but the air conditioner vents are open.

If you turn it off again, the air vents of the air conditioner will close.

The air conditioner cannot be switched on by remote control.

Carefully check the plug compatibility, power consumption and air conditioner power consumption before installing.

It is very effective for forgetting to turn off the air conditioner.

I look at my smartphone and manage power.

In my case, the power consumption of only the plug that does not work is 0.2 W.

The wi-fi line will be used for the first round of plug piercing, so be careful of punctures on the wi-fi line.

Again, all you can do remotely is turn off the air conditioner.

I hope that you can live a good life by valuing energy.

I will attach a photo for your reference.


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