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ChatGPTで作成された芥川賞「東京都同情塔」を訴えることができない理由Reasons why you cannot sue the Akutagawa Prize “Tokyo Compassion Tower” created with ChatGPT













I use this blog as a reference a lot. However, this work is a futuristic, science fiction work.

The author's setting is a prison in Tokyo that has been renovated into a super deluxe prison and given to people who deserve sympathy. In doing so, he belittles the characteristics of the Japanese people. My icon, Tulip Park, which I would have used as a reference, is described as a clever and liar tulip. I was deeply angry.

When I consulted with the Agency for Cultural Affairs, I was told that this was a term used for Japanese people, not for you. Therefore, it was said that it did not correspond to the moral rights of the author. There are other similar words and sentences, but this is just an idea. Therefore, it was said that this does not correspond to copyright.

The person in charge of the Agency for Cultural Affairs advised me to throw away the book. I haven't purchased this book.

However, I had heard that a work written on ChatGPT had won the Akutagawa Prize, so I bought the work that was written in full in the magazine of the publisher that judged it.

Eventually, I decided to dispose of this magazine.

Japan would never tolerate criminals and give them preferential treatment like this.

This is because Japan has the death penalty.

By setting it up like this, it thoroughly mocks the goodness of Japanese people and Japan. This is cleverly written based on this blog, and it is insulting.

In the end, I couldn't get anything from the council.

The words of a staff member of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, ``Throw away those books'' make sense.

Those were very convincing words.


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