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[2024年米国大統領選挙]国民の多様性を尊重することが成功の鍵を握る[2024 US Presidential Election] Respecting national diversity is










The US presidential election will be held on November 5, 2024. The United States has an established two-party system. The current Democratic Party is in power, with President Biden participating in the election campaign. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is struggling, with factions divided between former President Trump and Haley. Reports like this have been reaching Japan. There are also reports that Trump has won New Hampshire.

The US presidential election has been undergoing changes in recent years, due in part to demographic changes in the country. We must not forget that the United States is a country that has been supported by immigrants.

So, over time, the number of immigrants has increased, which has supported the economy at the same time, but the racial composition has also changed, and if we don't deal with this flexibly, we won't be able to get the consensus of the American people. It became impossible to do so. Mr. Trump's base is a legacy of an old demographic, one with different views than the new demographic. Therefore, the old supporters still strongly support the Republican Trump. I feel a kind of charisma.

However, if this old system continues, the Republican Party will self-destruct. Because the racial composition is changing and these people help support the U.S. economy. Therefore, various measures are needed to respond to this change. It is also extremely difficult to forget this and maintain the old system.

The US Federal Reserve is also the financial center of the world, and the US presidential election that directs it is also a very global event.

Changing racial composition is a very difficult problem. Historically, there are many problems with this. However, the United States is also a country that has maintained its global hegemony by employing many black people as athletes, sometimes using Asians as brains, and using whites as stars. Even if there are divisions between races, we must not forget that this is something that all races are good at, and that they lead and rule the world. In democracy, each person has one vote, so the consensus of the people can be confirmed equally.

There will continue to be immigration, and even so, the population is expected to decline in the future, although not as quickly as in Japan. Therefore, these problems must be resolved across racial lines. Many people immigrate to the United States with dreams of great wealth, and many have achieved this goal. It is the land of the American Dream, and it is precisely because it is an open country that it has developed so far. Therefore, as long as diversity supports this country, it cannot be easily ignored. This is because the United States is a developed country.

The progress of the upcoming US presidential election is also attracting attention in Japan.

This time, I wrote about the US presidential election.

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