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2024年新NISAが始まった資金はどこに向かうのか考えてみたI thought about where the funds from the new NISA in 2024 will go.

















The new NISA system will begin in 2024. This system exempts the annual growth investment limit of 2,400,000 yen and the annual accumulation investment limit of 1,200,000 yen from tax. Previous NISA quotas had a time limit, but that has disappeared. On top of that, if you sell it, that quota can be revived and used again, and the next year, you can use a new tax-free quota again.

Our generation had nothing to do with investing.

After all, there are many people who lost a lot of money when the bubble burst. I don't think there are many people who buy a house at a high price and increase their assets.

Therefore, the older the age group, the more they prefer cash.

It was deflation for a long time. Some of my acquaintances made a foreign currency deposit in US dollars during their honeymoon and lost a lot of money. Therefore, investment was irrelevant.

However, in order for the country to revive its industry, the new NISA was launched in the hope that the people would invest their vast deposits into the stock market. Japan seems to have wanted to increase its value as a country, but it seems that the savings of the elderly are not suitable for Japan, and the money is being used for overseas investment. Therefore, the yen continues to depreciate.

It seems that Japanese people are buying foreign stocks instead of yen-denominated Japanese stocks. It took Japan 30 years to overcome the bursting of its bubble, and the United States has managed to overcome the collapse of its bubble many times. Since it is the world's key currency, I think it would be relatively easy to deal with it, but Japan's economy has been in a slump for a long time.

That's why I think people should be hesitant to buy Japanese stocks that are hitting new highs on the Nikkei average every day.

My family opened a securities account after the new NISA started, but I think we'll probably have to wait and see for the time being.

The exchange rate is also current (US dollar/yen exchange rate, around 147 yen), so even if you make a profit by investing in a foreign currency, the exchange rate may cancel it out. Therefore, there is hesitation about foreign investment.

Everyone calls it Orkan, and it seems to be short for All Country (Worldwide Investment), but there are many people who invest here. There is a lot of information on X (Twitter), and many people use it as their source of information.

I feel like the stock market has gone up too much.

However, the media actively reports that Japan has a cycle of 20 years of decline and 40 years of rise, and that Japan is now in an upward cycle. However, even during the bubble period, the media did not report any predictions that the bubble would burst, so it is unclear how effective reporting such things would be.

In the end, it's your own responsibility, so although you can refer to a lot of information, you have no choice but to make your own decisions.

From now on, stock prices have already risen enough to start a new business. I might just open a stock investment account and leave it alone.

No conclusion has been reached yet. I think bitter experiences have led to this behavior.

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