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麻生太郎氏の上川外相の容姿発言は麻生氏の人気をさらに加速する|麻生太郎という人物像Foreign Minister Kamikawa's comment about Taro Aso's appearance further accelerates Aso's popularity | Portrait of Taro Aso












February 2, 2023, today's media reported that Taro Aso, a member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, had retracted a gaffe. Apparently, this is an incident in which Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa retracted her comments regarding her appearance.

Taro Aso served as the 92nd Prime Minister in 2008. He is a man of considerable wealth, and is a well-liked lawmaker who is not out of touch with society. I remember that when he was serving as Prime Minister, he actively talked about the need to create a manga museum and make Japanese anime known to the world.

The world was in the midst of the Lehman Shock, and it was far from that. Of course, this proposal disappeared.

Since it was such an important time, many things were discussed in the Diet. As Prime Minister, Taro Aso had to answer a variety of questions. I remember that when I read out a manuscript that had been prepared in advance and made a statement, I often misread the kanji, and for some reason, no one pointed them out, so I was always ignored at the Diet session.

My mother used to say something like, ``You probably wish you had studied more when you were a student.''

If I read the kanji in advance, I could have prevented myself from not being able to read the kanji or misreading them, but I was surprised at how he openly exposed himself without asking the manuscript creator to read the kanji in their ruby form (pronunciations). In a way, it feels strange.

Although it may be a small thing, I think Taro Aso's attitude of openly announcing to the world that he cannot read manuscripts without embellishing himself is enough to sway the emotions of the common people. .

That's why the Manga Museum story was not talked about by anyone, but it was probably well-received by the general public, and Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa's comments about his appearance had no effect on Taro Aso. .

On the contrary, because he wasn't familiar with the world, Taro Aso did it again. I don't think so, and on the contrary, it might increase the number of votes from middle-aged and older women.

In this way, this appearance comment will lead to Taro Aso becoming popular in the public eye.

There is no doubt that he is a very unique lawmaker and a politician with a character that is hard to hate.

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