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鹿児島観光旅行お土産、薩摩切子見学。Kagoshima sightseeing trip souvenir, Satsuma Kiriko tour.



This time, I would like to write about Satsuma Kiriko. It's expensive as a souvenir, but it's a really fun place to visit. First of all, the workshop is open to the public, so let's take a look at how Satsuma Kiriko is created.

First, a glass material is placed at the tip of an iron tube and inflated by blowing into it at high temperatures.


The work is very hot and can be dangerous. We will reshape it using various tools.




I didn't do all the steps this time. Each piece is made by hand. The most important process is painting.

In this way, skilled technicians carefully finish the work.

Discovered “Shimadzu Purple”! I will explain about "Shimadzu Purple" later.


Satsuma Kiriko is completed through many processes.




Kiriko can be found in many places in Japan, but "Satsuma Kiriko" is particular about its purple color.

This purple has a history. Traditionally, colors were created by mixing manganese and nickel, but during the 28th generation of Emperor Nariakira, he succeeded in creating purple by mixing gold and cobalt.

Due to this combination, the transparent and bright purple ``Satsuma Kiriko'' of ``Shimadzu Murasaki'' has become extremely valuable.


Items that cost 1,000,000 yen or 2,000,000 yen are expensive because the illustrations are designed by a designer. Satsuma Kiriko is originally expensive, but because of its unique design, it becomes even more expensive.






It's very good to see good things. The Satsuma Kiriko sold by the Shimazu family is highly prestigious, so the price is very high.

I hope you enjoyed the beauty of Satsuma Kiriko and Shimazu Murasaki this time. You can rest assured that the production process is carefully completed by craftsmen.

There are Kiriko all over Japan, but the Satsuma Kiriko of Shimazu Murasaki left a very strong impression on me. It's quite expensive to buy, but it's fun just to look around.

It looks like you can order it, so I think it's fun to order and wait until it's completed.

The photo on the cover is of the factory office of the former Satsuma domain, which is registered with the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs and is a registered tangible cultural property (No. 46-0005). Currently, Starbucks Coffee operates here. I took a break here. It was a very comfortable space.


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