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鹿児島観光スポット、桜島を訪ねる。Visit Sakurajima, a sightseeing spot in Kagoshima.



This time, when it comes to sightseeing in Kagoshima, we'll definitely be visiting Sakurajima. Sakurajima is still active and occasionally erupts. Because of this, large swollen ``Sakurajima radish'' can be grown in the volcanic ash.

Radishes larger than the palm of your hand are sliced thinly and made into pickles. There are some with salt and a slightly sweet flavor, and some with miso flavor.



The souvenir that left the most impression on me was "camellia oil." It can be used not only for hair, but also for the body. "Camellia oil" can be easily purchased directly from the farmer. One sho bottle (1.8L) of camellia oil was also on sale. Will you be cooking with this oil? This is a very luxurious souvenir.

Also, since it is a volcanic island, pumice stones were also sold there. This is done when you have hard skin on your body, and when you are bathing, rub the hard skin against the soft skin and rub it off. We have a variety of souvenirs, so please take a look.


I visited Sakurajima several times, but I was not blessed with good weather at the observation deck.

これは、桜島フェリーの入り口です。This is the entrance to Sakurajima Ferry.



Enjoy the atmosphere of Sakurajima Ferry.

On the way home, I sometimes crossed the bridge at the back. It seems that the fire from the eruption can sometimes be seen at night. Once you cross the bridge, you can see the fishing port and enjoy the relaxing scenery.


This time it was a report on Sakurajima. The Sakurajima Ferry is not that expensive either. There are a lot of times, so if you use it for sightseeing, you can use your time efficiently, so please feel free to use it. Sakurajima was beautiful.


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