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鹿児島県武家屋敷庭園を観光。Sightseeing in Kagoshima Prefecture Samurai Residence Garden.








There are samurai residences in Kagoshima.

There is a mansion facing this street, and there are also mansions where people actually live. There are two types of mansions where people live: those that are open to the public and those that are closed to the public. Some mansions are privately owned.

Such areas are personally maintained. In fact, I was able to hear the story of the owner.

Many people tend to get caught up in the beauty of neatly stacked stones, but in reality, the plants that add to that neat beauty require a lot of care, and living plants are the best. Maintaining the ``orderly beauty'' of a tree is extremely difficult to maintain.

We want you to fully enjoy the beautifully landscaped garden with plants that enhance the rock formations.

The beautifully appointed beauty of ``tranquility'' will capture your heart. Plants are essentially dynamic and are always alive.

Making it "quiet" is a very difficult task. So, with that in mind, please take a look at the Chiran Samurai Residence Gardens.



The samurai residence garden is a garden that makes the most of its natural beauty. Therefore, the hedge at the back is often not straight. This represents a mountain range. A small garden represents the great outdoors.


The small entrance on the right is for women. The large entrance on the left is for men. In the past, there was a distinction between men and women.


Even in its simplicity, there is dignity. The walls are a little red, but this is probably due to cultural influences since it is close to the Okinawa region.


Some of the private houses used as filming locations have been recreated to recreate the way they lived in the past.





The small collection of samurai residences makes sightseeing very efficient.

The white sand garden is even more beautiful than the photo. This is because there is so much beauty that it is impossible to leave any footprints there, and the people who visit there are polite and never do anything that would diminish the beauty.

In this way, both the people who manage samurai residences and the people who visit them protect their beauty and pass it down.

Please be aware of manners when sightseeing and have fun.


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