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[長期株式投資家]株式投資買うタイミングは難しい[long term stock investor] Timing to buy stock investment is difficult
















I'm a long-term stock investor.

Interest rates and stock investment. It seems that Japanese government bonds are being sold in the expectation that Japan's interest rates will rise next time. I'll probably buy a new one. Economics is really difficult. When interest rates rise, stock prices become less volatile. Once you start making enough profits with cash, investing in stocks becomes difficult.

Therefore, it is difficult to decide when to buy stock investments.

I am positive about the stocks I bought on the day of the big launch in 2024, during the coronavirus shock and this year's JAL plane fire incident.

However, my recent small investment of 100,000 yen in stocks is now negative. But I think, well, no, it's a small amount.

Moreover, stock prices fluctuate every day. So, if I watch this every day, I feel like I might become emotionally unstable, so I choose not to watch it.

I'm a long-term stock investor. That's why I decided not to look at stock prices that way, as there are bad times when I look at them every day. When I receive some dividends, I feel like I'll invest in small stocks again. Basically, I'm not a big fan of small investment.

But I think it's better than cash. That's why I invest a small amount, but if I only invest a small amount, I won't get a big profit. I think it will be a good experience for beginners to play with stocks like this, study, and then get serious about it. However, my preference lies in large-cap stocks. If I move it, I won't be able to buy it anymore, so I'll leave it alone. That's why I don't check the amount invested in stocks every day.

I've made a small investment, and I'm thinking about saving up the dividends.

However, the stock investment stocks I own don't pay much in dividends. Therefore, it is a dividend that does not accumulate much. Well, I'm like, okay.

When interest rates rise, it becomes difficult to invest in stocks.

So, since I can't do something that difficult, I have no choice but to leave it alone.

If I make a bad move, I'll lose money, so I think it's fine as is.

The timing of buying stock investments is difficult, so if you invest a large amount of money from the beginning, you will regret it.

Nowadays, there is a system where you can buy even one share, so make a small investment, study, and do your best.


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