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金とステータス-人はなぜお金が欲しいのかMoney and Status-Why do people want money?


















Why do people ask for money? This time, I would like to pursue this. If you are interested, please have a look.

Having money has many benefits. This is a very good number for assessing social status.

With money, you can do many things. This can be socially limited to what you want to do, because without money you have a limited budget for what you want to do.

Money has magical power. That’s because if you’re socially successful, you can have status. It will allow you to play an active role in areas such as politics and economics.

Power is built on the trust of many people. To build money, you need a kind of talent, luck, and connections. Those who can give back to society are those who have made money and contributed to society.

So, to have such a track record, you still have money. So I respect those who are socially successful and have money.

This is because social success requires the support of many people. Then this support becomes a status.

You need money to have status, of course, but you have to have a very strong grip to reign at the top. This is the power to win with a fighting spirit. There are many opponents, and this is very difficult.

But power requires the ability to lead the group. In other words, centripetal force. Groups with such tops will grow. This will be a great force in the group.

So status is very important. Sometimes things happen about power. Some people hate this very much. But good power develops the group.

Sometimes people hate the word money. But our lives are in dire straits without money. So money is very important.

Then, in order to manage society soundly, it is necessary to use good power. At times, many people have a negative image of power and money. But again, we are supported and lived by a lot of power.

Power sometimes goes out of control. But without the support of the people, it wouldn’t be possible.

So, just having money doesn’t give you status. So there are people who are socially successful and who have a very good status in the enterprise. Status requires money and humanity.

So people are attracted to money. There is a desire to have status.

However, the size is quite different depending on the person’s vessel. We are living with the potential to feel this kind of thing. That’s why I want money. That’s not a bad thing.

One kind, because it is self-improvement. The size of the vessel varies from person to person, but I always want to have aspirations.










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