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走りと優しい配慮の新型MIRAI.A new MIRAI with driving and gentle consideration.

今回は、トヨタ自動車株式会社から発売された第2世代新型MIRAI のご紹介です。初代MIRAIは、2014年に発売されました。その後、改良され、今回の発売になりました。このクルマは、FCVと呼ばれる、水素をエネルギーとしています。新開発燃料電池は、改良され、大幅に効率アップ。





With FR design, it is a car that pursues driving anyway. Difficult parking is done automatically with the parking button. Accelerator, brake and steering are also assisted. Even if there is an accident, it is strongly designed to be safe, so it is designed to prevent hydrogen leakage and explosion. Such MIRAI is equipped with a special filter. Does not emit CO2. Therefore, it makes the inhaled air even cleaner.

Of course PM2.5 is also removed. So, the more you run, the cleaner the air will be. Therefore, “minus emission”. The developer’s thought is, “The more you step on it, the cleaner the air!” Of course, it can be charged with a household power supply. DC large-capacity power supply unique to FCV is possible. So, in fact, in Japan, where there are many disasters, when there is a power outage, we have a track record of dispatching disasters to supply electricity and making everyone happy.

In this way, eco-friendly cars have been released in Japan. New MIRAI. While pursuing driving, it is environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is a car that aims for powerful driving that is full of kindness. It’s a very reliable car.

This article was created with reference to YouTube of the new MIRAI presentation.


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