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Words are constantly changing. How many people will notice it?

Japanese is very hard. Because there are homonyms. This is a word that has the same pronunciation but a different meaning. Therefore, since the story cannot be understood from the words alone, the meaning of the words is inferred from the meanings of the sentences before and after.

Also, the same Chinese characters may be read differently. Therefore, no matter how old you are, there are some characters that you cannot read.

In such Japanese, “Isshokenmei”.

The meaning of this word is to do what you are in and what you are doing. This term has become almost obsolete in the last 20-30 years.

This “Isshokenmei” was absorbed by the word “Isshoukenmei”.

It is to bet your own life on this position and things. It’s just a small difference. As for the meaning of the word, “Isshoukenmei” feels the momentum of the heart.

On top of that, the pronunciation is almost the same depending on whether or not “U” is included. That’s why people have come to use the word “Isshoukenmei”.

Then, the word “Isshokenmei” is rarely used anymore, and few young people know this word.

As you can see, there are many homonyms in Japan, but words with similar meanings will continue to be unified in various forms.

Then, with the times, new words will be born. The language we use is constantly evolving. This is not just Japanese.

Even the words we usually use have these changes. New words, words that are forgotten and disappear. There are various words.

Words that disappear have a lingering finish. The beauty of such words is difficult to understand.

It is happening every day for us living in the present age. I think it’s fun to look for such words. Be aware that words are constantly changing. Words are very important to us. Words are alive.


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