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花便り。金のなる木が満開。Letter from flowers. The money tree is in full bloom.





This is a continuation of the previous newsletter from flowers. Jade plant that works hard to make the flower bloom. I needed some help to get it in full bloom. Seeing that hard work, I watered the jade plant. Then, it was in full bloom immediately.

Then the flower is in bloom for a long time. It’s been two weeks now, but it’s still blooming without dying. I did my best to make this flower. However, when I see the hard work and help, I will make very good flowers and bloom again in full bloom, trying to live again.

I think that if people are doing their best, there will always be people who will reach out and help. Unfortunately, even without that help, there will be a wonderful figure that overflows from the power, and it will be a figure that I can be proud of in my life. It’s hard to do, but that step is definitely in your life.

So effort is what makes you happy. Please do your best without losing the circumstances. Nature tells us that. I want to convey the message of nature while watching the flowers of Jade plant in full bloom. That’s the news from flowers.










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