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自転車保険を節約する方法。How to Save on Bicycle Insurance.








This time, we are talking about bicycle insurance. Bicycle insurance is mandatory in many prefectures as an ordinance. I think there are many people who are considering it personally.

This time, you can get bicycle insurance just by adding to the insurance you have now without taking out bicycle insurance. It is a story.

I am a family member of the prefectural traffic disaster mutual aid with a one-year renewal type. This insurance is “when you become a victim of a traffic accident”. The scope of warranty is large. That’s why I’ve been subscribed all the time.

However, “There is no insurance when you become a perpetrator in a traffic accident.” Bicycle insurance is surprisingly expensive. So I called the mutual aid company and consulted. Then, the insurance called “Individual Liability Guarantee” is said to be renewed for one year.

By the way, it was 1,600 yen / year. This is a plan that guarantees the other party, and it seems that if you enter one, the whole family will be guaranteed. So I decided to take out this insurance immediately.

Bicycle insurance is surprisingly expensive. Therefore, if you take out an additional guarantee with the existing insurance, the guarantee will be thicker and cheaper. You don’t have to bother to buy bicycle insurance.

This time, even if you didn’t bother to take out bicycle insurance, you could save money by taking out “Individual Liability Guarantee” for the traffic disaster mutual aid of the prefectures you already had. I would be happy if it was helpful.

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