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自然から貰おう!心の余裕の作り方.Get it from nature! How to make a margin of mind.


















This time, I would like to write about a comfortable life. This time, I will write it in a story style.

I grew up “morning glory” at school when I was little. This flower blooms in summer and blooms only in the morning. Since the vines will come out, you will need a support. This is a cultivation study at a Japanese school.

After the learning, the morning glory will produce seeds when the flowers open. Perhaps my mother threw the seed into a corner of the house.

Then, the morning glory, which has a very strong nature, sprouted steadily in early spring. Then an old bicycle was placed in place of the stanchion. Then, the morning glory became bigger year by year and bloomed very splendid flowers.

When I was young, I was very impressed to see this big flower. At that time, there was a writing contest at school. It was a spelling of this morning glory scene.

Writing the specifics that I experienced was easy, but it was a very difficult subject for me at the time. So nothing was evaluated.

However, it was so beautiful that it touched my childhood. The flowers contained fresh air in the morning, and the flowers were exposed to the sunlight in the early summer morning and were very powerful when they became clusters. As soon as I woke up every morning, I ran to see the morning glory and rushed there.

Thinking about what people work for and what they enjoy nature for, I always sketch my favorite landscapes and release the shutter.

Maybe humans can’t beat plants. With that in mind, I admire the trees reflected in many flower photographs and landscapes.

Plants provide comfort. So, my heart is refreshed. For a while, it was called ozone, but this is too scientific.

There are also pictures of buildings and cityscapes. However, I sometimes feel that I cannot match the gentle comfort that nature brings.

Because there are different facial expressions throughout the year. Then, the weaving landscape is attached to the artificial building and even changes the expression of the building. That’s how we naturally get the leeway of our hearts.

This is an unmistakable fact, through which we need to be humble and love nature more.

Sometimes I can’t afford it. At that time, look around. Usually there is no nature there.

I think it will give you an idea of how man-made objects take away people’s minds.

I feel that the leeway of my heart is a blessing from nature. Therefore, people who live surrounded by nature often feel happy. The city is very comfortable. Life is not inconvenient. But the minds of modern people seem a little tired.

The leeway is a gift from nature.


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