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おしゃれ、北欧風。簡単クッションカバーの縫い方。Stylish, Scandinavian style. How to sew an easy cushion cover.


This time, I will show you how to sew a stylish Nordic style cushion cover. When it comes to cushion covers, everyone hesitates to make them because they think about adding a zipper. So, I will show you how to make a cushion cover without a zipper. This cover uses more fabric than usual.


Will you understand? Just fold the fabric in three and sew. The result looks like this.


Very easy. A lot of dough is necessary. I love the fabric of Scandinavia! This cloth was bought at IKEA. The price is not so high. Self-service, by yourself, at the store, with scissors, cut, weigh, and stick the barcode yourself. So you can buy lots of cloth.


The bed covers are also available. When I’m shopping, I’m often asked by a clerk about fashion matters. It’s strange, but when I told you this story, you wanted to do it yourself, so I’m hoping that there’s someone like that, so I’m uploading it.


The excess fabric is fashionable by putting it together like this and putting it on a little piece! But I think there are some who do not have a sewing machine. Then, let’s make it by hand sewing with the No. 30 thread. If it is a sewing machine, it is the 60th thread.


This is what happens when you like a sewing machine. I repair a sewing machine that a person asked me, or buy a broken sewing machine at an auction and repair it myself.


This is the bobbin of the bobbin thread can no longer be wound. Just replace the rubber. By doing this, I became a fan of sewing machines, and I have about eight sewing machines. If you can use it with care, I would like to give it away. From my point of view, there are many sewing machines at the auction that you can use. Therefore, this is full of sewing machines. If you find it, you will get stuck, so I decided not to look at the auction.


If anyone who is interested in sewing on this occasion comes, I am very happy.

手縫いをするなら、この糸で、良いです。実は、白いものを縫う時は、このような、生成りの色が、良いのです。ちょっとしたコツ、です。If you want to sew by hand, this thread is good. Actually, when you sew a white object, such a generated color is good. A little trick.


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