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[節約リメイク]ワンピース[Savings Remake] Dress


This time, I'm going to show you how to remake a dress to save money. I remade a sleeveless dress made of 100% linen. I made it into a slightly longer shirt.


The back is fastened with one button. Since it was a sleeveless dress, I called it “hagi” and added too much cloth. So, in the race, I cover it up and show it fashionably. Lace is a convenient material for remakes.


This is the original dress. I have some photos left, so I will upload them. This remake …


The attachment part is carefully ironed and two sewing machines are applied. The tulle is fine and can be cut. Sew with a basting thread and be careful.


There was a black tulle, so I put it on. Then you’re done.


In this way, I enjoy remakes. I have a lot. Let’s all enjoy fashion.


Introducing a race for remake.


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