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節約。シャツとワンピースのリメイク。Saving. Remake of shirt and dress.


This time too, I would like everyone to enjoy and enjoy their home time, and I would like to see my remake as a reference and enjoy the fashion.


This time it’s just a white shirt blouse. This is fashionable and transforms.


On the tracing paper, write the picture you want to embroider with beads. I glued the A4 paper, glued it together, and copied the design.


I used this to attach what I drew with a basting thread, and did bead embroidery. There are needles for bead embroidery, so please use them!


The thread used the normal thread of the No. 60 sewing thread.


This is the finished product. I was able to do it in about 2 days. I think there are individual differences, but please do your best to get used to it!


Next is the remake of the dress.


I prepared a black grosgrain ribbon with a width of 13 mm.


The width may be slightly different, but the thicker it is easier to work with.


It’s very cute. I attached the front ribbon to the center of the back. Like this.


It comes casually. Then, the black fabric was sewn onto the Suso, and the tape was pasted on it. It’s done.


You’re dressy! Now we have more clothes … if you like, enjoy sewing and enjoy!

トレーシングペーパー、これで頑張ってくださいね。Good luck with tracing paper.

ビーズ針 安心のメーカー製、です。Bead needles, made by a safe manufacturer.

グログランリボン です。今回は、9mm幅、のご紹介です。しつけ糸で縫い付けて、2本のミシンで、縫い付けてくださいね。ちょっとした、ことで、仕上がりに、差がつきます。Grosgrain ribbon. This time, we will introduce 9mm width. Please sew with the basting thread and sew with two sewing machines. A little thing makes a difference in the finish.


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