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神戸夜景とレストランと外食グルメKobe night view, restaurant and dining out gourmet.


It is a trip to enjoy a meal while enjoying the scenery of Kobe. In Kobe, I want to enjoy the bay area. The Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel in the photo is delicious. Because I am doing a hotel wedding. For the buffet, if you want to enjoy “Santa Monica’s Wind” Kobe steak, “Steak House Oriental” is a good view. Phone number 078-325-8110 (Operator information / common phone) Make a reservation. The nearest station is JR Motomachi Station.


Even if you say gourmet, B-class gourmet is also fun. Kobe was hit by the Great Hanshin Earthquake on January 17, 1995. Among them, the one that suffered the most damage was Nagata Ward, Kobe City. It’s beautiful now. Among them, there are dishes that are still handed down locally. At that time, a person who worked in Nagata wanted to eat white lunch box deliciously, so when he consulted with an okonomiyaki restaurant, a menu with rice in yakisoba was developed. This is called “sobameshi”. On the south side of JR Shin-Nagata Station, there is a monument of Tetsujin 28-go with a height of 18m. In the surrounding area, there is an okonomiyaki restaurant where you can eat the sobameshi.



This is sobameshi. This “Okonomiyaki restaurant” in Nagata has a small number of seats, so it is recommended to make a reservation or take out. This menu is prepared with konjac and beef tendon at the shop, and this taste cannot be reproduced even by the locals. “Rose sauce” 2-5-9 Shoda-cho, Nagata-ku Telephone 078-611-3049 is used in this area.It is sold in the Nagata shopping district. Please contact us by phone for more information.

The famous ones are “Aomori” telephone 078-611-1701 and “Sampei” telephone 078-643-0188.


This time, I made a reservation and went to “Sanpei”. It seems that he used this place for meals when he was on location in the movie, and there are many autographed colored papers.


Since it is close to Akashi, you can also taste the Akashi octopus in the sea of Akashi.


You can choose the sauce from normal taste and spicy taste. This time, I chose the spicy one.

ホイル焼きも楽しめます。You can also enjoy foil grilling.

これは、ネギ焼きです。This is Negiyaki.


If you look closely, you will find konjac and beef tendon.


Teppanyaki is delicious. There is also a side menu.


Let’s make a reservation here. It is the appearance of the shop.


When you’re full, it’s fun to go see the night view of Kobe.


This is a monument in Meriken Park. Heading towards the Port Tower in Kobe, it is behind the Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel.


Enjoying a meal and then enjoying the night view will be a particularly enjoyable time. I think there are many ways to spend time. This time, we introduced the meals you can enjoy at the hotel, the okonomiyaki and sobameshi that you can only taste in Nagata Ward, Kobe, and the beauty of the night view of Kobe.


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