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石川啄木の「必要はもっとも確実な理想である」人生の生き方を教える言葉Takuboku Ishikawa's words that teach us how to live life: ``Necessity is the surest ideal.''













Necessity is the surest ideal

Takuboku Ishikawa (1886-1912)

I was very interested in this word. “Necessary” means something that is absolutely necessary, something that is definitely indispensable. In other words, there is an assumption that if you "need" something, you will definitely get it. However, even if you "need" something, you may not always be able to get it.

Therefore, "necessary" is often a concrete, familiar goal. But getting what you need is not guaranteed. However, there are definitely things on this list of "needs" that are specific to what you want. Therefore, what I think is "necessary" is a concrete desire.

The character of Takuboku Ishikawa can be seen quite clearly in the fact that he made this desire an ``ideal''. In other words, in order to achieve a big goal, you need to accomplish a number of small ``needs'', which means that you will gradually get closer to your desire. It is said that

I feel that these are words that teach us how to live life.

This phrase, which says that by accumulating ``necessities,'' gradually approaches ``ideals,'' feels very familiar to me.

I think everyone has an ``ideal,'' but many times it feels like a ``dream.'' However, in order to make this ``dream'' or ``ideal'' come true, it is possible to achieve it by steadily working on small accumulations of ``needs''. In other words, it becomes "ideal." That too, “for sure.”

Words like this move me deeply. This is because in order to be ``sure'' in your ``ideal'' form, you only need to satisfy your ``needs.''

“Need” is not a big deal. If you do what is "necessary" carefully, time will be on your side and you will naturally become "ideal." Although it is a simple word, I feel that it has a deep teaching.

It's a very down-to-earth idea, and if anyone puts this into practice, it's a word that convinces us that we can ``certainly'' achieve our ``ideal'' appearance.

These words are very encouraging.


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