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真綿の布団をわた打ちせずに自分で敷布団を作る方法How to make your own futon mattress without stuffing it with cotton






This is a way to make your own futon mattress without stuffing it with cotton.

In the past, people would spend a lot of money on stuffing the futon to make it look nice. But futons these days are not like that.

We had a futon made with cotton in our house, but it was old and the fabric on the outside had deteriorated over time.

I took it to the laundromat and gave it a full wash, and the outer fabric ripped, leaving the cotton part fluffy and smelling wonderful.

So I put a commercially available futon cover on it right then and there.



It became fluffy like it had been stuffed with cotton.

I didn't do anything else to it and just put it in the duvet cover.






The futon is now very soft and clean, with a detergent scent.

Now I can prepare a futon for guests. At first I thought about throwing it away, but I was hesitant to buy bedding for guests who I don't know when they might come.

In this way, I have neatly packed the silk batting at a very low price, giving it a cheap, cotton-filled feel.

I then put it in a commercially available futon cover, and the newly renovated futon is very stylish and clean.

I hope this article is helpful to anyone who has a silk batting futon.


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