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漢方薬茶、「十薬」を作る。Make Chinese herbal tea, “Juuyaku”.Scientific name Houttuynia cordata.





In June of Japan, weed-treated flowers bloom. It is a plant commonly known as “Houttuynia cordata”. White flowers bloom as shown in the picture. This is the photo I found on the roadside the other day. Unfortunately, there is no “Houttuynia cordata” in the garden of my house.

“Houttuynia cordata”, which blooms white flowers in June everywhere in Japan, is a “medicinal herb”. This is the best harvest time when white flowers are attached, and when you drink it as tea, it becomes a splendid, medicinal, Chinese herbal tea called “Juyaku”.

I harvested this “Houttuynia cordata” with the consent of the landowner when the neighborhood was developed for residential land. I envy those who have this in the garden. The medicinal properties of “Juyaku” are antipyretic, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory agents. I mainly use it as a laxative. The more diarrhea you have, the better it works.

Pregnant women cannot take medication because it is dangerous. The roots are a waste, so let’s leave them for the next year and harvest them. Then wash it well with water and expose it to sunlight to dry it well. The following photo is dried.


Next, use cooking scissors to roughly cut it.


Then heat the frying pan and roast it when it gets hot until it smells good. Then take it out of the frying pan. No oil needed.



This is the finished “Houttuynia cordata”. If you put this in a stainless steel kettle and make tea, the medicinal effect will be reduced. A kettle of earthenware is good, called a clay bottle. I don’t have it, so I decoct it in a Japanese clay pot. Put an appropriate amount of water and “Houttuynia cordata” in a clay pot, simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then leave it for preheating.

The clay pot will break if you suddenly put it in cold water. Therefore, please handle it with care. I think that “Juyaku” tea may be blended with “barley tea”. This is because “barley tea” does not have caffeine, so it does not eliminate the effect of “juuyaku”. It is also beneficial to chop and eat tea leaves that have been brewed from “Juuyaku” without throwing them away. If you can get it, let’s enjoy the natural herbs in this way.


This time, a hidden treasure that can be found anywhere in Japan. It was a story of “10 medicines”.It is called “10 medicines” because it has many effects and “10”.

Scientific name Houttuynia cordata.


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