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[洋服リフォーム]ジャケット、コートなどの裏地の張り替え[Clothing Renovation] Re-lining of jackets, coats, etc.



This time, we are renovating clothes.

We are "replacing the lining." This is the item before the renovation.


The lining is before replacement. Carefully take the tag and loosen the thread carefully.


Cut the removed one into a pattern and cut it like this. Then, sew it together and sew it to the body. Don’t forget to sew the clothes tag as well. I was able to do it in a day. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought. There are individual differences, but the coats and jackets are very good quality. Your clothes will be beautiful as you breathe in.


It has become beautiful. I’m glad. Let’s try various things!


This is recommended because it is an ordinary chaco and the lining will twist when marked.


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