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業者から聞いた!トイレの臭いの原因は、これだった!I heard from a trader! This was the cause of the smell in the toilet!








This time, I would like to talk about the cause of the smell of the toilet. I always decide on a contractor and do various reforms. That is why I heard from the water supplier that it is the cause of the smell of the toilet. If you are interested, please have a look.

Most toilets have a toilet seat. There is a tank in the back. Here is the cause.

When a man stands and pees, the splash of urine gets between the tank and the toilet seat. This time, I remodeled to change the toilet bowl, but the back of the toilet bowl and the back of the toilet seat became yellow and moldy, and a lot of urine stuck to it. This was very surprising. The vendor said that this stain cannot be removed by cleaning. In other words, this stain cannot be removed without disassembling it.

The trader said, “If a man doesn’t stand and pee, this won’t happen.” So, I decided to tell the visitors about this and be careful not to stand up and pee.

The unpleasant, ammonia odor will disappear completely when the toilet bowl is disassembled and cleaned. However, it is quite difficult for an amateur. Let’s know the trouble of the toilet early and take measures.

The cause of the smell in the toilet is that the splash of a man standing and peeing gets into a place where the toilet cannot be cleaned.

I want to make a clean, odorless toilet while preventing it. I hope it helps.


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