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株式投資法 Stock investment law.














When you start investing in stocks, there are two types: cash and margin trading.

Margin trading is very risky, and we recommend that the general public start with cash.

I have been investing in stocks for over 30 years. If it were a credit transaction, it probably wouldn't have lasted until now.

This is because we live in a world where 95% of people generally retire after 5 years. In the case of "cash", there are two types of buying and selling methods.

These are the "buy at market price" method and the "dollar cost method."

This "dollar cost method" is a method of buying the same amount every month.

If you look at it over a long period of time, the market after the gold standard has been abolished will experience "inflation," so this is a method that lowers risk and allows you to invest over a long period of time.

Now in 2024, those who know the contents of Abenomics and invest in stocks early will be in a very advantageous situation. Knowing the country's policies is one way to understand what kind of situation Japan will face in the future.

I still think that investing is scary, but maybe it's just my old sensibilities.

However, this high stock price is being bought by foreigners because the Japanese yen is weak and Japanese stocks are cheap.

How long will this continue? I do not understand.

It's important money, so I want to use it carefully.

We recommend that you invest in a style that suits you.


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