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東京オリンピックの閉会式は悲しいほど静かだった。The closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was sadly quiet.












Today, the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was on TV. Of course, no audience. Meanwhile, a takeover ceremony was held. The state of Paris was projected. It’s cruel, in Paris, people are lively and free to rejoice. A world completely different from Japan was spreading.

The situation was that Japan sank with the sinking Japanese flag, and the hearts of the Japanese people sank. Yes, it was the unfortunate Tokyo Olympics. “Thank you” to Chairman Bach. It was held even in Japan like this.

He also asked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the Tokyo Olympics in the reconstruction of Fukushima. However, from now on, Japan must be reconstructed in Corona.

There was a lot of patience. Before the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, I was listening to Mr. Akio Toyoda of Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan’s largest sponsor of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Akio Toyoda told the medalists the importance of “not giving up” and “getting results”, and to the players who could not become medalists, the importance of “continuing” the competition. I was talking.

He emphasized that “the more glamorous it is, the more under the edge it is.” In other words, there are people who support it. You said that gratitude is important for everything.

At this tournament, all Japanese people “was patient.” It’s a small screen, but thank you for the little fun. I can’t rest in Corona. There are many blessed people in the world.

Japan, which has nothing, starts from the place where there is nothing, starting from this Tokyo Olympic Games. It has always been the case.

I remember Akio Toyoda’s words, “Don’t give up.” Despite being the biggest sponsor, it could have been painful. Many other sponsors also had a hard time. The same is true for the Japanese people.

There is still a fight with Corona. In Japan, the empty, unattended Tokyo Olympics were closed. There was nothing, it was an Olympic Games that was similar to Japan.

Akio Toyoda’s words are quoted from YouTube “Toyota Ims”.










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