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東京オリンピック、東京パラリンピックは、多くのものを失った。The Tokyo Olympics and Tokyo Paralympics have lost a lot.
















Now, the Tokyo Paralympics 2020, August 24, 2021-September 5, 2021 is being held. There are various competitions. Interviews with the player often feel the setbacks of life.

And I am grateful to the people who supported it. Although there are various obstacles, the appearance of the athletes who overcome them and compete is truly impressive.

There are many things in life, but the Paralympics are an event that weaves in that life. I think there are many people who can support their hearts by seeing them.

But don’t say it. When people are impressed, they don’t say anything. Be silent. If you put it into words, it will be lighter.

Such a Paralympic Games are being held. The Paralympic Games and the Olympic Games have been victimized by the new Corona in Japan.

It was held with many casualties. So the current Japanese Prime Minister was defeated in the constituency of his hometown. The people pointed “No” to politics.

It was a very difficult decision. The relationship between the world and Japan is by far the strongest in the world. However, this is Japan’s intention because the elections are held in Japan. The prime minister is also a victim of the new Corona.

The prime minister will not be elected president. In other words, I’m quitting the prime minister. This is also a decision.

I rarely go out. I am doing this to protect everyone’s lives. The new Corona has lost the lives of many victims and many people.

Japan is losing the Senkaku Islands to China. Only defense is allowed in Japan. So I can’t do anything. The “current Japan” that is lost one by one in this way is not recognized internationally.

However, China is trying to expand its territory further. There is already a large land area. However, I try to spread it further. The raising of the national flag of the Hong Kong people at the Olympic Games was the national anthem of China. The player is crying in his heart.

Various things are happening at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Don’t forget this.

Because Japan is an event held at a lot of sacrifices. If it remains in people’s minds, it will be a little slack for Japan.

With the new corona, Japan is now undergoing medical collapse. Those who can be hospitalized are happy. I hope that such a message from Japan will reach you.

“Don’t forget the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.”










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