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[諦めない]時間と努力は報われる[Don't give up] Time and effort will pay off

























It's important to know the truth, but I feel it's better to judge things from multiple perspectives and from a broader perspective.

Things don't stay the same for long. Time gradually changes things. So please don't be pessimistic about your current situation.

It was late at night, "before dawn." That's why there is a need to enjoy ``just before dawn'' for a while.

With time and effort, you can get out from the bottom. It is necessary to stand firm in order to prevent the darkness from turning into darkness and make it ``just before dawn.''

It seems that most people end up not doing what they have in mind.

However, no matter how hard you try and try many things, it is still difficult to succeed.

However, it is very important to keep going even if you fail many times.

They are exploited and used by many people, and many obstacles arise.

But of course, if you do something, something will happen. I have also experienced the feeling of envy when I see many successful people.

However, when you look at someone's life, it may be a momentary scene filled with joy. When you look at that person's life, you may realize that this is a momentary event that will not last forever.

This also appears in The Tale of the Heike, but life is fleeting.

I feel like how I spend that seemingly unlikely time will determine whether I can use it effectively or not. Why are people born, how do they live, and why do they die?

If you have the same amount of time, you want to make it a productive time.

It is extremely important to persevere and not give in to misfortune, to do your best, and not to let your efforts go to waste. Once you start, if you give up easily, your efforts will be wasted.

Unfortunately, although I have been running this blog for five years, I have not made any profit. Only maintenance costs are incurred. My family told me many times that it wouldn't help and that I should stop doing this.

There are already many people around me who have made a lot of money and are highly indexed. I feel kind of envious. However, I would be happy if I started this blog to record my experiences and use my experience and knowledge to help others.

So I won't give up.

It seems that most people quit blogging after a year. I've been blogging for 5 years now and have no income, but I still want to continue blogging.

I think that in about 20 years, I'll be able to become a little more like a normal person.

Don't give up easily on what you've started.

Because your efforts will be wasted.

It is important to steadily accumulate.

I feel that it is very important to look at Japan's ripple stones, accumulate them, and move on.

Let's keep up good work.


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