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日本の経済状況。Japan’s economic situation.













My family’s washlet broke down in 2021. So I decided to replace the whole toilet bowl. Certainly it will be around October 2021. Today is March 30, 2022.

But the toilet hasn’t arrived yet. At first, the answer was that overseas production was delayed due to infectious diseases. Still, it was said that the delivery would be in the summer of 2022.

However, as the world situation changes, I am worried that the toilet will be delivered. I was worried that the delivery would be really late, so I contacted a clerk at a major mass retailer while shopping.

The dishwasher wasn’t working well, so I wanted to talk to him. It seems that the delivery status differs depending on the manufacturer, and there was a person who waited for 5 months for the built-in gas cooker to be delivered. At that time, the world situation was still stable.

So maybe I haven’t delivered a toilet bowl for a while. Since it is made to order with payment in advance, it can not be canceled and I am paying but I can not do anything. Logistics around the world has stopped.

The world is in a very difficult situation. I’m also worried about food. The prices of various things are rising. Gasoline prices are rising sharply, so relatively cheap Costco gasoline is always crowded day and night.

The price is rising little by little. The salary does not go up, so I have no choice but to live simple life.

The government is probably the most worried about getting angry with panic.

Previously, some people resold it to make a profit and the masks were running out.

The internet is convenient, but there are people who do many things. So I can’t really write what I feel here.

However, the government is constantly sending messages to protect lives. Prime Minister Kishida said he would deal with the grain problem. I can’t write much here.

I feel that time will be resolved.


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