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日本の秋を小林一茶が読んだ俳句|青空に指で字を書く秋の暮Haiku read by Issa Kobayashi about autumn in Japan | Autumn evening with



青空に指で字をかく秋の暮 小林一茶七番日記ー1814年

aozora ni yubi de ji wo kaku aki no kure












This time, I would like to excerpt a haiku from the diary of Issa Kobayashi (1763-1828).

Haiku is a so-called Japanese word that has the most beautiful tone of sound, and this is pronounced ``5, 7, 5''. These shortened words are interwoven with seasonal words called kigo to describe various feelings and scenery. This time, we will introduce a haiku that describes autumn in Japan.

Autumn evening when I write with my finger in the blue sky

Kobayashi Issa Seventh Diary - 1814

aozora ni yubi de ji wo kaku aki no kure

This is one haiku that left an impression on me.

This haiku was written when science was still underdeveloped, but after observing the autumn sky, I felt that this haiku was truly wonderful. In Japan, there are no low-level clouds in the autumn sky, and the sky is generally dominated by high-level clouds. This is a haiku that seems to have grasped this with sensitivity, and to have known that it was something so far away that it was out of reach.

In this way, I feel a sense of emptiness in the sky that I can't seem to reach. I make the most of this feeling of emptiness and write about how beautiful the autumn sunset is.

A feeling of emptiness, not even being able to reach the sky.

What's more, the sky is exquisitely beautiful, but the time at dusk in autumn is so short that it feels like it lasts just a moment. As we sigh at the beauty, many classics also mention how beautiful the autumn evenings are. The feeling of emptiness that comes from such a beautiful moment.

I felt that he was writing about such an empty heart.

Autumn in Japan is very atmospheric and full of beauty.

The air is clear, the sky is high, and the vermilion-colored autumn sky attracts many people. Even the blue sky is so beautiful that you can't reach it. On top of that, there is an even more beautiful autumn sunset.

The reason why he chose to write with his fingers is probably his sensibility as a haiku poet.

This is a haiku that is very unique and makes you feel the beauty of autumn.

This time, we introduced Issa Kobayashi's haiku that describes autumn in Japan.

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