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掛け布団カバーを敷き布団カバーリメイクRemake a duvet cover into a mattress cover



This time, I will remake the duvet cover by using a duvet cover. Duvet covers get boring and you want to change them. There isn't much variety in mattress covers.

So this time, I decided to make a futon cover using a duvet cover that I was tired of.



It wasn't long enough, so some fabric was added.

I have one more. It is like this.









I was able to do this by simply changing the width.

I went to the laundromat and washed the mattress. The store staff does not recommend it. They said. However, I wanted to keep it clean anyway, so I washed it, which was a very difficult task.

The cotton inside was twisted, and it took a lot of time and effort to put it back together.

Therefore, if you want to wash your mattress, it is better to be prepared for the possibility that it may not return to its original state.

It takes a long time to dry, and even in the dryer, the cotton gets twisted.

Feel refreshed with a new duvet cover. I have a mattress underneath this.

By all means, the futon will be hidden by the sheets, but a stylish cover will make you feel good, and above all, it's nice to be able to replace a tired duvet cover with a new one.

If you are interested, please give it a try.


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