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手作りの子育て教育、計算ドリル。Handmade parenting education, calculation drill.


This time, it’s a way to improve your computing power. I made a drill with an old notebook and let my child study. It’s a drill you make yourself, so it doesn’t cost any money. So you can study a lot. This is called 100-mass calculation in Japan. Take a stopwatch and calculate how accurately you can do it, over and over again, every day. Of course, mistakes, no matter how fast, are not good. So it’s important to be accurate and fast.



It looks like this. You can do “addition” and “multiplication”. You can do it randomly over and over again. It’s an old notebook, it’s okay. Let’s practice with various variations many times. Calculations are an important foundation of academic achievement. From a young age, practice at home, competing for time, and having fun over and over again. It’s good to make it like a fun game.

When memorizing the letters, place the poster on the dining table and cover it with a transparent sheet from above to keep it clean. Small children learn to study for themselves while studying with their families rather than studying alone. If children who are not blessed with their families can be taught by the kind people around them. By no means money is a drill that costs. This is a cost-effective, affectionate, “calculation drill” while having a conversation. I hope this drill will reach many people.


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