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[感想]テート美術館展宗教画の教え|無垢なる幼児の勝利は躍動的綺麗な絵画[Thought]Tate Museum Exhibition Teachings of Religious Painting








This time, I would like to write about works at the Tate Museum in England.

Among them, William Holman Hunt's ``The Triumph of the Innocent Child'' (1883-1884) was seen as a warning for adults who were consumed by greed in the worldly world. I felt that this work was a work that pointed to his life, showing that it is important to cherish the heart that you had when you were young. Although there are various children, their hearts are beautiful, and the circle of light that is a gift from God is also expressed.

This work left the greatest impression on me among religious paintings. These adorable children are beautifully depicted as being enveloped in light, and their movements are hyperactive, relaxed and adorable.

There is no evil spirit in her appearance, she smiles at everyone, and is adorable. Something has changed under the children's feet, and I feel that they have received some kind of power. Children are captivated by the way they shine even in the dark.

The handwriting is also carefully finished, and the handwriting is fresh and fresh, and the brush is carried very carefully. The depictions are beautiful, and this large, meticulously painted canvas was completed over a period of two years.

This magnificent work is in such good condition that it is hard to believe that it was completed in the late 1800s, and it is probably more highly regarded than it was at the time it was created. It seems to be kept in good condition. It's such a large work that I was overwhelmed by it, but it left a huge impression on me.

I truly felt that this technique of visual appeal, the teaching of painting, is forever immortal.

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