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悲報 安倍晋三氏の銃撃事件を分析してみるSad news Let's analyze Shinzo Abe's shooting case

2022/07/08 安倍晋三氏(元首相)が、選挙演説中に銃撃されて、亡くなった。享年、67歳でした。今は、選挙期間中であまり多くは語れない。しかし、この安全と言われる日本で、銃が存在していた。それだけでも驚きなのに、容疑者は、広島県呉区に海上自衛隊に3年間在籍していた。





2022/07/08 Shinzo Abe (former Prime Minister) died after being shot during an election speech. He was 67 years old. I can't say much during the election period now. However, in Japan, which is said to be safe, guns existed. Surprisingly, the suspect had been in the Maritime Self-Defense Force for three years in Kure-ku, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Shinzo Abe was attacked in Nara prefecture, and I was very surprised and felt uncomfortable with this incident. This is because Nara Prefecture has many families who are very enthusiastic about education and has the highest piano ownership rate in Japan. Therefore, I was very surprised to see such an incident happening in Nara prefecture. It's so planned to have a gun in Japan, and even more so, the case wasn't shocking, and obviously some suspect chose to claim a lot.

Because after the shooting, the suspect did not escape. Until now, in elections, candidates and electorate have been conducting election activities by shaking hands and giving speeches. However, it is possible that such a thing will not be done with this case. The people know that Shinzo Abe has survived various difficult lives. Therefore, the people casually call him "Mr. Abe". He was a politician who could feel close to him.

I can't say much at this time of the election. However, it is very sad to have lost an important person. In Japan, something may be changing little by little.

In Japan, where the population is aging, it is now possible to vote from the age of 20 to the age of 18 in order to incorporate diverse opinions. Leave your opinion to that vote in the election. I sincerely hope that such an incident will never happen again. Finally, I sincerely pray for Shinzo Abe's soul.


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