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必読!古いジャケットを自分でリメイクしました。Must read! I remade the old jacket myself.

盗作禁止/No theft



This is a photo of the finished product. This jacket was a short-sleeved suit. I didn't have a chance to wear it, so I unraveled the thread on the tight skirt at the bottom and made it into fabric. So, I decided to make the sleeves a little wider and give it a more fashionable look. Below is the original photo.

I took a photo of the short sleeves after untying them. This short-sleeved jacket didn't come out very often.


Take the pattern, mark it, and cut it out. Make sure to measure and make a pattern so that it is the same size as the cuff of the short sleeve.


After sewing the sleeves, iron them. This is a very important process. Once I sew one piece, I always iron it and make it carefully.


Carefully sew the sleeve seams using sewing thread and then use a sewing machine. Once that's done, carefully iron it out and spread it out like you would the sleeves. This is the trick to finishing it beautifully.



Once that's done, finish the cuffs. Machine sewing is easy, but to take it to the next level, you can make a very nice jacket by carefully sewing it by hand.

I made the skirt out of fabric another day. It took about 3 hours to finish the jacket. I think there are individual differences, but I think it's relatively easy to do. Why not give your jacket a stylish makeover?


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