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孫子の兵法を読む⑤Read Sun Tzu’s military art ⑤


















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1.In war, it is best to win because you do not fight. In other words, it is best to have the entire enemy soldier. The next best thing is to fight and win. It means winning by power.

2.”100 races and 100 wins” is not a good thing. “It’s best not to fight, to run out of power and to be compliant.”

3.The best war is to “see through the enemy’s plan and win with that plan”. The next most effective method is to “break the enemy’s interaction and isolate it.” “Attacking the enemy’s home base” is the worst. This means that it takes three months to prepare to attack the enemy’s home base, which makes it difficult to control morale and thus loses 30% of your troops. Still, there are times when you can’t win.

⒋The good thing about war is that you exhaust your enemies and submit them, but you don’t do war. Do not attack the enemy. Do not prolong the war. Take the country with all perfect operations. In other words, the soldiers are fully profitable while being protected. This is the basis of war.

5.There are various ways to fight. If you have 10 times more troops than your enemies, siege them. If you have 5 times more troops than your opponent, attack. If you have twice as much force as your opponent, divide it into two, a normal battle and a battle to think carefully and formulate a strategy. If you have the same strength as the enemy, do your best to fight. If this is small, run away. If you don’t have a chance to win, don’t fight. The reason is that the lack of troops is preyed on by the opponent.

6.The person who commands the army is an assistant to the country. So that assistant makes the country better or worse.

7.There are three things that national rulers are worried about.

①When the army is difficult to proceed, it says to proceed without knowing it. When the army should not withdraw, it says it will withdraw unknowingly. The army does not move this.

② If you do not know the army well and intervene in the army, the soldiers will be confused.

③ If you interfere without knowing the internal affairs of the army, the soldiers will be suspicious. When all three are aligned, that is, when confusion or suspicion occurs, they are attacked aiming at the gap, disturbing the army and giving the opponent a victory.

8.There are five factors to win.

① You can judge when to fight and when not to fight.

② You can judge how to use your strength.

③ The intention to win up and down is common.

④ Make a good strategy and win against enemies who cannot respond sufficiently.

⑤ It is a win if the commander of the army is competent and the ruler of the country does not interfere. This is the “how to win”.

“A person who understands the power of the enemy well and understands his own power wins. This wins 100. A person who understands only his own power without understanding the power of the enemy wins once. Win and lose once. Anyone who can’t understand the power of the enemy and also his own power is always dangerous.










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