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孫子の兵法を読む⑦Read Sun Tzu’s military art ⑦







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1.To command many soldiers, create a small group of soldiers. Then, make it move swiftly and give a command. In order for the grouped army to not lose from the enemy, it is necessary to use both “strange measures” and “straightforward methods”. To attack, soldiers make it look like they don’t have it, and in fact they make it look like they have it.

This is a very good plan to make it look like there is no army to crush the enemy, and in fact, to be alert to the enemy. In the war, the straightforward method is important, but it is won by a strange strategy. Therefore, the army that makes good use of tactics is free to handle situations and time well.

It seems to change freely and become good, like multiplying sounds, colors and tastes. There are “strange tricks” and “straightforward methods” in battle, but you can arrange them in various ways. It changes freely, and the way it fights is diverse.

2.Defeat water, birds, etc. by aiming at the enemy vigorously. This is because the momentum is strong. The army that fights well has a fierce momentum like a bow. This way, the army will not lose in a fierce battle. However, we will consider various situations.

Control is commanding, courageous, and strong. And try not to be disturbed, frightened, or weakened. A good army of battle has momentum, so much ability does not matter. Momentum is the most important thing.

So choose some people and give them momentum. For the soldiers who gain momentum, the war is tremendous momentum. In other words, like the reason of nature, the momentum becomes more and more intense.










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