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夏目漱石の言葉Natsume Soseki’s words

自然を翻訳するとみんな人間に化てしまうから面白い。崇高だとか、偉大だとか、雄大だとか、みんな人格上の言葉になる。人格上の言葉に出来ない輩(もの)には、自然が毫(こう)も人格上の感化を与えていない。 夏目漱石






When you express nature, you become a human being. So it’s interesting. Personality becomes a very nice adjective (state). Anything that is not more than a human cannot be expressed like a human.

Nature may have impressed humans. So it is often perceived as a human being, not as an event, and it is often described as wonderful. However, human adjectives (states) are not used in nature, which is not an excellent event even if it is the same nature.


Natsume Soseki, who noticed this, has a keen sensitivity to Natsume Soseki, who was working on writing. Literature is a work that you create while choosing various words. I think I made such a discovery when I was doing such things in my daily life. It’s easy to understand that talent requires outstanding ability.


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