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型紙いらず.スキニージーンズをリメイクしてフレアースカートにしてみた.No need for a pattern. I remade skinny jeans to make a flared ski


This time, I will try to remake skinny jeans.

盗作禁止/No theft



I removed the top and attached the skirt part, but since there was a little room in the fabric, I attached a tack. One on each side in front. One on each side behind. There are 4 in total.

The part that hits the tail has a bulge, so make it a sword. I wanted to make the skirt as long as possible, so I left it uncut and left the lock sewing machine on. The skirt is soft and light. It’s like this.

盗作禁止/No theft


Seen from the front, it looks like this. The length is below the knee and it feels good. Seen from behind, it looks like this.

盗作禁止/No theft


The denim material tends to give a hard impression, but it has a soft atmosphere. It is a skirt that can be made with at least a fabric like skinny jeans. There is no particular pattern. For the sake of clarity, I dared to refrain from ironing so that I could clearly see the part of the sword, and took the picture. Please try to make it.


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