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土地の資産価値を知る。Know the asset value of the land.

Report by くぅ

道路付け(ドウロヅケ) Road Stick

正面路線(ショウメンロセン) Front line

2方路線(ニホウロセン) 2-way Road

(by)…正面、側方路線(ショウメンソクホウロセン)Front, Side Road

(by)…正面、後ろ路線(ショウメンウシロロセン)Front,Back Road

3方路線(サンポウロセン) 3-way Road


Front, Side, Back Road

道路付け(ドウロツケ)とプラス(+) 用途(ヨウト)で決まります。

Determined Road Stick Plus(+)Application.




















Land assessment method. The land area (Chiseki) is the area of land. The most highly evaluated is ① shaped land.

The price depends on the road attachment.

There is a memo in the lower left. (Roads are roads that face the land.) Land for front lines only, land for two-way lines (front, side) (front, rear), land for three-way lines.

The more roads are attached, the higher the evaluation.

Even if there is a plant on the side of the road, it is judged to be in contact with the road.

Then look at ②. This is an example of irregular land.

There is a shadow.

Since the frontage is narrower, the unit price of land will be reduced by that amount (the price will decrease).

There is a shadow even from the side, so the depth is calculated and the unit price of the land is reduced in units of %.

For irregular land, calculate the shaped land (calculate and give the answer) and then add the land unit price with the addition formula. (It is a technical term) * Although it is a negative amount of money, it is called because a mathematical formula (a calculation formula) is added.

Please look at ③.

Thus, land with narrow alleys has the lowest rating.

This is an example, so I think there are various road markings.

The maximum reduction on irregular land is 40%.

Please see ④.

This is a well-formed land, but it has been written on irregular ground (separately registered).

This is the method of owning land such as condominiums.

In this way, the condominium shares a low land rating.

And the evaluation changes depending on the land use.

The value of the land increases as the width of the road it touches increases.

If you are near a place where noise is generated, such as a railway, highway, low flight area of an airplane, or a substation (excluding facilities), a graveyard, etc., the rating will be low.

Today, we talked about the value of land assets.


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