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土地の取りあい。Land deal.

















The land of A, B, C was built by the old building method. B and C properties are in contact with public roads (4m or more).

It can be rebuilt because it touches more than 2m.

However, due to the amendment of the law, the passage part is not calculated as land for building construction, so when building a new building, it will be a much smaller building than it is now.

Therefore, it was sold at a very low price because it was not very worth it as a land.

Property C was operated as a rental house.

Usually, such land is often established when you talk to the owners of property A and property C, so that is often the case.

From the appearance, you can see that the owner of the B property is very loose.

Trees are crossing the perimeter or a veranda is added to the house to bring it closer to the previous house.

Therefore, it was immediately understood that the owners of A and B were very disliked.

Property C is for rent.

Therefore, if I waited for the inheritance of this, it might be a big income, so I advised my acquaintance, but I did not buy it.

It was a leaking house and a slanted house, but it was very attractive.

Compared to the market price, it was a very cheap property. If there is cash, I thought it would be good to repair it and keep it for rent.

However, it is a property that I gave up because of financial problems.

There are such interesting properties, so studying real estate is very interesting.

It was a shame because I don’t have the financial resources.

I’m not rich, so I’m envious of having money.

This time, I gave an example of a property that will become an asset in the future, taking an example of real estate land acquisition.


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