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再建築不可物件の魅力 The appeal of buildings that cannot be built.





窓やサッシ は、お高いのでそのままにしておられたようですが、中は、2階に対面キッチンにされて、それはとても素敵でした。








Since “loans that cannot be built” have no financing, they must be purchased in cash, so the number of people who can buy them is limited.

In addition, even if you try to renovate, you will not be able to receive “financing” from the bank, so the number of people who can buy it will decrease.

It is often in a convenient place.

I know people who actually purchased and lived on “non-rebuildable property”, but it lived very nicely.

The windows and sashes were expensive and seemed to have been left alone, but inside was a face-to-face kitchen on the second floor, which was very nice.

Of course, it is convenient because it is close to the station.

I think that it is better to leave only the foundation and renovate the property that cannot be built, rather than renovating it halfway.

Older wooden buildings are also vulnerable to earthquakes, depending on the budget, because there are no braces for braces.

The foundation, as it is now, will not be possible until stakeout, but it should be repaired and made with fittings etc. in the building braces.

I think that you will need a lot of cash, but since it is a “non-rebuildable property”, it is better to renovate drastically to live longer.

In the end, you will be more satisfied with the house and will be able to live longer.

No two properties are the same.

Let’s visit various properties.


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