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[健康機関で教えてもらった]年齢別人間ドックの受け方[I learned from a health institution] How to undergo a complete age-based medical checkup
















Every year, when I undergo a complete medical checkup, many things are discovered.

The lump on my thyroid was just a normal lump, not a disease. However, he will continue to need to visit the hospital for follow-up observation.

The more you undergo medical checkups, the more chances you have of going to the hospital. Medical checkups are expensive, and at what age you should go for a medical checkup, I asked the person in charge of the public health period and was told.

In Japanese companies, if you don't go for a complete health checkup, you get scolded.

This applies not only to the individual but also to their spouse. The medical checkup I attended was conducted by a health organization run by the government. Even with the company's subsidy, it still costs 30,000 yen per person.

So, I have a lot of things tested.

Going back to the topic, it seems that it is generally recommended that people aged 75 undergo a complete medical checkup.

In most Japanese companies, the retirement age is 60, and employees often work on a contract basis for five years and then leave the company completely at age 65.

That's why the medical checkup at the health institution I go to has a price that makes it easy to receive a medical checkup for people between the ages of 65 and 75. I forget the price, but my impression is that it was much cheaper than the current price of 30,000 yen.

As it is a public health institution, subsidized tests are properly subsidized and can be added to the medical checkup for free. It's financially cheap and helpful.

However, if you are over 75 years old, the prices are set to be quite high.

This is because once you reach the age of 75, if you undergo a complete medical checkup, you will have more chronic illnesses and will have to go to the hospital more often, so people over the age of 75 basically no longer need a complete medical checkup.

Since people will have more opportunities to go to the hospital, health checkups provided by hospitals will be cheaper and more efficient. Therefore, it seems to be more economical and efficient for people over the age of 75 to undergo a medical checkup at a hospital instead of undergoing a complete medical checkup.

In this way, if you manage your health according to your age, you will be able to detect and treat the disease early, so it seems that both economic and health losses can be minimized. Receiving proper medical care greatly improves your quality of life (QOL).

I often have health checkups to detect various changes in my health before I get sick. I feel that medical checkups are very important. Being healthy is such a blessing.

As someone who attends medical checkups, I asked public health institutions and received information on how to receive medical checkups efficiently, so I am writing them down here as a memorandum. Put. I would like to thank the health organizations who kindly answered my questions.


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