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[体験談]骨粗鬆症予備軍の私は死ぬまで通院が必要[Experience] I am at risk of osteoporosis and need to visit the hospital until I die.







I undergo a medical checkup every year. So I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I've been going to the hospital, and I've been advised to exercise more. Then I was prescribed medicine.

So, ask your doctor how long it will take to treat this disease? If you ask me, I will have to go to the hospital until I die. He said.

I was surprised.

Bone metabolism is controlled with drugs. I was told that I needed to do this forever.

My bone density has also increased due to the effects of the drug. Bone density has decreased only in the groin area. As a result of this, I am busy these days, so I often move around and go out a lot. As a result, my groin bones hurt.

Exercise is the best, so this seems like a good thing, so I think it's a happy response. Bone health is important, so please exercise often and take care of your bone health so you don't end up like me.


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