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人生に疲れた人に送る心の栄養.Mental nutrition for those who are tired of life.





















You probably know “Shinai” if you are Japanese. This is a tool used in kendo. This bamboo sword is made of bamboo.

Another similar thing is “Bokken”. This is a sword made of wood. This “wooden sword” is very hard.

“Shinai” looks very light and weak. The “wooden sword” made of this tree looks strong at first glance. It is hard and has great destructive power. However, the “wooden sword” will break if a strong force is applied.

However, “Shinai” is very light and elastic, and it doesdges its power gorgeously. Therefore, it doesn’t break easily.

What looks strong at first glance, a person may be really weak, and a weak person may be really strong. Because there is the flexibility of elasticity.

Therefore, it is not always strong because it has power. The elastic “Shinai” looks light and weak at first glance.

However, it may be strong, just by appearance.

Because it’s flexible, it’s a multi-faceted approach to things. So the definition of really strong often feels very difficult.

So, even if you are worried or suffering from various things, it does not mean that a strong one will “win” in the end.

The definition of “winning” is also difficult. Because “winning” is often lonely. Even if you are surrounded by many people, you can feel the distance somewhere.

For people, loneliness is sad. But even if you are surrounded by many people, it may not be a real connection.

Therefore, I would like you to develop the ability to live “as is”.

You don’t have to look good at anything. However, I just want you to live, thinking that you are such an existence.

Sometimes, life has a strong “desire” and goes toward that goal. This is very nice.

But sometimes I want to take a break. In such a case, I think it’s okay to have a weak “as is” without decorating. That way, life goes on.

Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. I think that people will grow significantly by accumulating.

It takes a lot of courage to show “weakness”. But it is proof that you are a person. So it doesn’t matter if it’s weak.

Like “Shinai”, it is flexible and adaptable. Strong ones will probably get tired somewhere.

It folds like a “wooden sword”. Therefore, when I try to live “flexibly”, I want to have hope because life is waiting not only for bad things but also for good things.


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