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京都観光|効率よくライトアップを巡るためにはどうすれば良いか実践していることを書いてみましたKyoto sightseeing|I wrote about what I can do to see the light ups efficiently









写真やビデオは、Xの@n4td2,Google Maps Qoo, Instagram na323.photoにて優先して投稿していきますので、ご覧になってくださいね。


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At this time of year, I often go to Kyoto. The purpose is to light up. I've already seen a lot of lights in Kyoto, so I decided to go see them lit up.

For some reason, in Kyoto, there are rules and not all temples and shrines are lit up, so it changes every year, so it's fun here too.

Last time I went to Kiyomizu-dera Temple, it was extremely crowded. But one week later, it's completely different. However, I went to Eikando 45 minutes ago and it was amazing to see so many people already lining up. There were already about 500 people in line. surprised.

While I was waiting, it started to get cold, so I put on the down jacket I had brought with me, and while I was waiting, I ate some rice balls to save time and use it as my meal time. Never throw away garbage. Please take your trash home with you.

Then, I went to see Toji Temple lighted up. The journey takes less than an hour by changing buses. But it's okay because I eat my meals with rice balls.

I buy rice balls and bento boxes at department stores. Then, to avoid going hungry, once you arrive in Kyoto, eat at a relatively quick and easy place to eat in the food section of a department store. It's cold and I feel hungry, so I want to avoid that.

Please go to the department store and try out the flavors of Kyoto.

This time, I wrote about how to sightsee in Kyoto in an easy-to-understand manner.

Photos and videos will be posted on X's @n4td2, Google Maps Qoo, and Instagram, so please take a look.

I'll be uploading it soon, so please look forward to it.

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