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京都観光スポット、雨の夜の八坂神社Kyoto sightseeing spot, Yasaka Shrine on a rainy night.



This time, it is “Yasaka Shrine” on the north side of Gionmachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto. This shrine is located in a very convenient location. In the daytime, the bustle is radiant, and many people come to the shrine for the first time on New Year’s Day.

It’s such a sunny place.


This is the West Tower Gate.(Seiroumon)With beautiful lighting, the gate adds color to the radiant, tranquil air of the night. It is constantly lit up so that it will never be captured in the darkness of the night, illuminating the city of Gion in Kyoto brightly, and the Yasaka Shrine on the hill seems to protect the city.



This is where I entered the West Tower Gate.(Seiroumon)As expected, in the rain, the road is reflected like a mirror surface, and this cannot be helped without feeling “impermanence”. In other words, impermanence is not the same. This is life, some sunny days and some rainy days. So, if you endure a rainy day, a sunny day will come. This means “don’t give up” in your life, but if you manage to overcome that day, a “sunny day” will come. Please cultivate this sensibility. The reason why I chose a rainy day is that there is “beauty” in the sadness. This shows that hope is somewhere. That is why one needs to live most, even at the bottom of sadness and misery, which can change something little by little. That is why it is “unusual”.



Various gods are enshrined.

In a quiet atmosphere, various gods watch over. There are countless numbers across the road. In the midst of suffering, you probably asked him to do various things. So there are many gods. It turns out that people have various worries. That’s why I’m not the only one. This has many worries for many people. I’m not alone. Live with hope.



This is Maiden.

If there are many small “lights”, it will be a great force. It will look like this. It is “collective beauty”. Everything, even a small force, when it comes together, great things happen. That is why it is beautiful. There is a “beautiful soul” in it. Keeping this in mind, I always looked like I was living “supported” by someone. People are always supported by someone, and thus support each other and live. Yes, this lantern is not so beautiful with just one. That is why please take good care of the people around you.



This is the South Tower Gate.(Nanroumon)

Was it the gate of the rich people? Very large barrels of sake are piled up. The light up is also full of elegance. The status of the gate is different depending on the gate that goes through it. This has been the case since ancient times.



This is the main shrine.

It is built facing the South Tower Gate. What did the ancient people ask for here? It’s very solemn. The rain gently illuminates the city of Kyoto. In the old nights, without lights, there is nothing. I talked about this in The Tale of the Heike. It is a world of wabi-sabi. In modern times, there is electricity, so even the night town has “beauty” like this. But in the old days, that was not the case. Therefore, darkness had “nothing” and “beauty”. Yasaka Shrine, which has nothing, feels that there used to be a different “beauty” than it does now.



his is the god of marriage.

Many Omikuji are tied, and the number is very large. How many pairs did you pray here?



This is the view from the West Tower Gate.(Seiroumon)

This front is Bus Street, which is the main street, so buses run until late at night. Yasaka Shrine, which protects the city of Gion, has a wonderful personality, as if it overlooks the city from the rain in the sky, as if the gate is firmly rooted in the ground.



It was helpful that there was a municipal parking lot nearby. Open 24 hours. The atmosphere in the town of Gion on a rainy night was beautiful.

Unlike the daytime, Yasaka Shrine, which is projected at night, was a fashionable appearance that I could not help but feel the lessons of “life”. The life of a “rainy day” was like that of “Yasaka Shrine” where you can’t help but feel a ray of light.


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