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世界経済の分裂が始まった.The division of the world economy has begun.














Japan still has a negative interest rate. However, although it was expected that interest rates in the United States would rise at the initial 0.5% pitch, prices are already rising sharply. It goes up to 0.75%. European central banks have also risen by 0.25%. In other words, it will increase by 0.25% to eliminate the expected amount. So, my guess is that Japan will also have a 0.25% increase in interest rates.

In this way, the world is linked. In the United States, interest rates have already risen, and some people may not be able to acquire or pay mortgages.

Knowing the bubble, I borrowed a mortgage at 4.75% and 6.5%. So, for this much, the US economy may have higher interest rates.

However, if the American economy, which has a great influence on the world economy, slows down, it will be a problem. It affects various countries.

Russia has already been sanctioned and the ruble has been eliminated worldwide. However, abundant resources are attractive to poor countries, and some countries do not follow the policies of the United States and Europe.

This is an economic division, which will be an economic cold war between the United States and Russia.

So Europe is in a complex environment. China and Europe share AIIB, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Japan was also asked to join, but did not join. Japan and the United States have ADB and the Asian Development Bank.

However, Europe abandoned it and joined AIIB. The world was already divided. Russia has distributed a substantial abundance of resources to poor countries, and Europe is already economically seized by China.

So half-hearted Europe is already in the hands of Russia and China economically. Europe doesn’t have much time to be swallowed anymore.

The United States and Japan are cooperating, and the countries in the future will think about where to arrive while watching the situation. Anyway, the economic division has begun, so the tactics of Russia and China are quite wonderful.

Europe is attacked because it has no axis anywhere. I didn’t know this. As a coalition, it is important to unite in the future, but since we have already made bad choices, we will be attacked by various things in the future.

You will be in the most difficult financially and regionally. After all, the tactics at the beginning were not good, so I think it will be difficult in the future. Japan and the United States have a coalition and are united.

However, they are not hostile to each other, only their principles and claims are different. Because we are in a different framework, this is a good way to interact with China and Russia. Europe may be absorbed economically. It’s difficult to talk in detail. Europe may have to pay a big price to join AIIB.


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