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Can you make money on your blog this time? That is the story. I like writing, and I was curious and wanted to make a paid blog and have various experiences.

So at first I didn't know that blogging was profitable. Eventually, I saw a person posting a blog issuing a balance report.

And I thought this was something different because it didn't generate any revenue, so I asked in the "Adsense community".

I was so ignorant that some of the respondents in the meantime told me that this person was useless to say anything.

Write something that makes everyone easy to make money. But this is not the case. This requires a lot of specialized knowledge when you start a blog, so once you start a blog, you will be able to read the blog that wrote such things.

So people who are familiar with blogging recommend blogging. Not all people are, but many will quit blogging when they start blogging for the purpose of "earnings."

I read various blogs that report income and expenditures. Therefore, I honestly asked the contradiction in the "Adsense community". However, there was no clear answer there either.

And here, I found on Google's page the difficulty of earning "earnings" with Adsense.

Clear numbers are written here. It is better to quit believing that income and expenditure reports are written on various blogs.

I'll post a Google page here, so find out how difficult it is to make "earnings" on your blog yourself.

I'm too new to it and it took me a while to get this answer. If you like writing, it's fun, but it takes a lot of work and talent to make money.

So, for the purpose of "money", the blog will not continue. From the bottom of my heart, if you want to blog through writing and hobbies, I think it's a good thing.

Here, Google is providing information. There are people who write a lot, but the truth is here.


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