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バーネット・ニューマン「アダム」は計算され尽くした抽象画であり宗教画ですBarnett Newman's ``Adam'' is a carefully calculated abstract painting and a religious painting.













This work is still copyrighted and not in the public domain, so there are no images of it. You can find it by searching, so if you are interested, please search for it.

The color of the work Adam (1951-1952) is quite different from the printed version and the actual impression. The background color is brown, but it has pink mixed in, and the two thick lines and one thin line also give the impression of pink.

I always feel that it is important to see the real thing because printing technology cannot express the subtle colors and paintings.

This work is quite large in size, measuring 242.9 x 202.9 cm. The large works that look up are carefully designed to look straight at the viewer's eye level, with the bottom part being gradually thicker and the part above eye level gradually becoming thinner.

In this way, by using optical illusions, we were able to express this line to another level, making it longer and more relaxed.

Since the title is Adam, the color was probably close to the color of blood. I express the human ancestors with two thick lines, and I think these lines are emphasized so that people can think that they are still connected to the present day. The handwriting is drawn vertically and boldly and in a large, free-flowing manner, and the handwriting is so bold that you might even think it looks rough at times.

Going back to the topic, these two are the ancestors of humans and are close to each other. There was a thin line on the right edge, and I understood that this was a child born in violation of the rules.

Presumably, this gradually grows, and eventually scrolls to the left, and the human becomes two large lines, and a child is born, repeating the scrolling process, and that's how humans are made. I felt that this is what I wanted to express.

Since human ancestors were sinners, it seems that living an upright life like this is a revelation from God. The color looks like the color of blood, and it also looks like light the color of love. This contrast between the color of light and the color of the earth seems to teach us, whose ancestors were Adam who descended to the earth, the importance of living without bending.

There are great trials and temptations in the land, but it's as if I'm being pushed to live my life with a heart that won't give in.

The fact that this painting was created to suit people's perspective means that it is a message that was carefully delivered to each person, without excluding anyone.

Equally, God is perceived as sending a message to people. In this way, along with a warm message, the message is to live an honest life despite hardships on the earth. This religious painting, a contemporary abstract painting, is very moving. It was a wonderful painting.


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